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fuck madness, i like thing thing series

2018-01-12 21:23:30 by federico544

i would like to present this oc heads that i made being based in thing thing 4 sprite sheet.5169726_151581012172_gdg.png

Also tell me what do you think about them or what i have to improve. 


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2018-01-12 23:12:40

if you give me a full body i could probably animate some stuff if you want

Thing thing gives more freedom because you can move the feet almost everywhere just like the hands on mc.

federico544 responds:

ok i'll try to do something but do you think i have to improve o change something?


2018-01-13 18:37:27

honestly the designs are pretty cool, there's only two problems:

you should lower the pick of the mask a little

(optional)the hat of the mexican guy shouldn't be that precise in shape. i mean look at this one